Domestic Violence Education in Pop Culture: FOR COLORED GIRLS

FOR COLORED GIRLS, directed and produced by Tyler Perry, based on the play, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf by Ntozake Shange (Film, 2010; play, 1975)

Starring: Janet Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, Phylicia Rashad, Thandie Newton, Loretta Devine, Anika Noni Rose, Kimberly Elise, and Kerry Washington.

It is my own opinion that “For Colored Girls” was the most powerful and important movie of Tyler Perry’s career, and I was very disappointed to see a near empty movie theater when I went to see it in 2010. The story follows the lives of eight women (known by a color, which they are seen wearing throughout the movie) and their life struggles as women, experiencing the various things women encounter in life: spousal abuse, rape, unplanned pregnancy, self-respect, promiscuity, alcoholism from a woman’s perspective, men living on the down-low (and the result is a woman infected with HIV), manipulative and abusive men, abuse of her children, fails of the system, and distractions on the job as a result of so many difficulties in one’s own personal life.

Every woman needs to see this important movie, which is difficult to watch at points, but so accurately showcases the specific difficulties of life as a result of abuses and problems unique to the female experience.

“Save your “sorry.” One thing I don’t need are anymore apologies. I got sorry greeting me at the front door. You can keep yours. I don’t know what to do with them… I can’t even… I have to throw some away. I can’t even get to the clothes in my closet for all the sorries. I’m not even sorry about you being sorry.” (Jo/Red, played by Janet Jackson)


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