Domestic Violence Education in Pop Culture: SURVIVING COMPTON: DRE, SUGE & MICHEL’LE


One of the biggest complaints people had against the movie, “Straight Outta Compton” was the fact that the women of the R&B movements that came out of Compton, California’s Gangsta Rap and R&B music scenes, seemed to be absent from the story. Thus, the story of Michel’le, a former female vocalist for Ruthless Records and Death Row Records. The movie details her life as boyfriend of Dr. Dre and also her tumultuous relationship with Suge Night, of living with abuse, substance abuse, violence, and fear. Movie is told in first-person narrative, with reflections of Michel’le herself, as she shows us what she experienced in her personal life during her rise to fame.

While there are a few critics who question the accuracy of the film, it depicts how cycles of violence start, continue, and the intricate way that violence becomes more than just an experience: it becomes a way of life. Many who ask, “Why don’t they just leave?” should watch the movie to see how complex domestic violence relationships can become, especially when business, money, and fame are all involved.

You say you love me,
And I think that is true.
But every night my girlfriend tells me
I should watch you.
Now I say I trust you,
But I want you to know
I’m not a sucker;
Chill out-your nose is growing, Pinocchio.

So now I’m leaving,
And you know I tried.
All right, baby, no more lies.


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