Domestic Violence Education in Pop Culture: SUBMISSION

SUBMISSION, produced by Theo Van Gogh (2004)

Producer Theo Van Gogh was killed on his way to work in Amsterdam, the Netherlands by a radical Muslim for the contents of this film. A sobering narrative look at the way women are treated and oppressed in many Islamic states and sects, every person in the world needs to see this short-film and realize the difficulties women under the extremes of Islamic systems encounter.

First minute and a half shows a woman praying in Arabic and then narrative is in English. It is subtitled in Dutch.

“Two years ago, on a sunny day, while at the Sook, my eyes were caught by those of Rahman, the most handsome man I have ever met. After that day, I couldn’t help but notice his presence whenever I went to the market. And I was thrilled when I learned his appearance at the bazaar was not a coincidence. One day he suggested we meet in secret…and I said yes. And as the months went by, our relationship deepened. What is more, out of our love, a new life started to grow. Our happiness did not go unnoticed, and before long, envious eyes gave way to malicious tongues. Let’s ignore these people, Rahman and I said to each other, and trust in Allah’s mercy. Naive, young, and in love, perhaps. But we thought your holiness was on our side…Then when I was 16, my father broke the news to me in the kitchen: you are going to marry Aziz.”


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