Domestic Violence Education in Pop Culture: JANIE’S GOT A GUN

JANIE’S GOT A GUN, by Aerosmith (From the album Pump, 1989)

The inspiration for “Janie’s Got A Gun” came to frontman Steven Tyler after reading a Newsweek article about gunshot victims.  The dark lyrics to this song reflect a girl who kills her father, who has been sexually abusing her.  The intensive music video features realistic scenes pertaining to sexual abuse and incest and the realistic consequences of the two.

“Janie’s got a gun

Janie’s got a gun

Her dog day’s just begun

Now everybody is on the run

Tell me now it’s untrue.


What did her daddy do?

He jacked a little bitty baby

The man has got to be insane

They say the spell that he was under the lightning and

the thunder knew that someone had to stop the rain”


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