Domestic Violence Education in Pop Culture: STOLE

STOLE, by Kelly Rowland (from the album Simply Deep, 2002)

Out of all the former Destiny’s Child members, Kelly Rowland remains my personal favorite. “Stole” is a big reason why she is my favorite (aside from her vocals). The song, which depicts several ways that lives are stolen and futures change, also holds a forefront theme of the effects of violence, bullying, and domestic violence on young people. One young man in the song and subsequent video commits suicide in a school bathroom after living with abuse at the hands of his father and another young man is shot on a basketball court due to a dispute with some other students, with the offending student now in prison. The powerful video is ended with the words, “THINK BEFORE YOU ACT” on a mural dedicated to the two boys.

He’s not invisible anymore
With his Father’s 9 and a broken fuse
Since he walked through that classroom door
He’s all over primetime news


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