Domestic Violence Education In Pop Culture: GRACE UNDER FIRE

Grace Under Fire (ABC sitcom, 1993-1998)

We could describe “Grace Under Fire” as a show about learning how to live after domestic violence and substance abuse. The show was based on lead actress Brett Butler’s real life experiences with domestic violence and alcoholism, and depicted her as a single mother trying to raise her three children on her own for the first time without abuse or alcohol in her life. The sitcom showed the struggles of single parents in rural areas: trying to find work, moving up the corporate ladder, sexism, the chronic temptation to use when something comes up, and always remembering where one came from.

“[Grace and Jimmy are talking about their past relationship]
Jimmy Kelly
: Grace, I am truly sorry for what I did to you. Hell, if I was the man I was today, I beat the Hell out of the guy I was then.
Grace Kelly
: You would?
Jimmy Kelly
: Yep. You know, I wonder how that fight would turn out? I got more meat on me now, but I was one quick son of a gun back then.”


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