Signs Of False Modern-Day, “End Times” Prophets

Anyone remember the story of “Chicken Little?” As I recall, an apple fell on Chicken Little’s head and she believed the sky was falling.  She took it upon herself to make a trip to warn the king that the world was going to end and, in the process, convinced some of her friends that the sky was falling, as well.  In their haste and fervor to promote their message – which had no basis in fact – they wound up beguiled by a sly fox who led them right into his den…and they became his dinner. The story of Chicken Little holds a message in it for us, today, that I think we’d rather not embrace.  It is, however, a simple message: don’t be misled by wrong information, because it will lead you straight into trouble.


More and more, I am meeting an abundance of “Chicken Littles.” They are people running around on the internet, claiming to be prophets and prophetesses, who have false information and will hear no truth to the contrary.  If you reject their message, you are met with hostility and questions to your own call.  They say nothing Biblical, they don’t know the first thing about prophecy, but here and there they go, flooding inboxes with scare tactics and videos that somehow prove what they believe within their own “revelations.” 


People of God, I know we talk incessantly about false prophets in the context of those running money lines or prophesying cars, houses, and money over people, but these modern-day false doomsday prophets are just as destructive.  Rather than using hopes of false prosperity, they use scare tactics and create a feeling of haste and absence of God.  Recognizing that most people are unaware about many things spiritual today, they try to plug in studies, headlines, and the opinions of random doomsday fatalists and wrap it up under the guise of “this is what God is showing me.”  This is just as dangerous and demonic as a false prophet creating a false financial reality.


Below I am outlining signs of false modern-day, end times prophets that they may be contrasted with the true prophetic, and never maligned with such.  It is also to help all who receive things from such not be taken in nor frightened by the endless propaganda that seems to flood the internet.


Their requisition of data lies in Youtube videos and internet theories – Just because it’s contained in a Youtube video does not make it factual! There is a Youtube video out there for every single topic under the sun and one that can prove each and every single perspective, opinion, and theory in existence.  If someone searches long enough, they can find a video that “seems” to prove any point they have.  I have nothing against watching things on Youtube; I have tons of videos on Youtube myself.  It’s a great forum to have people recognize what you are doing or get a message out there – but remember, that’s the reason why people are on Youtube in the first place – to get noticed and get a message out there.  Not every message on Youtube is about God or so people will be directed to Him…but some are so people will be directed to the author or theorist of a proposition.  If all you have to prove your point is a bunch of Youtube videos, you aren’t proving much of a point.


Their “revelations” are general and vague – Jesus is the One Who told us there would be signs and tumults in the earth.  Revelation about that isn’t brilliant and insightful; it means someone has either heard or read enough of the Bible to recycle the prophecy to sound deep and intriguing.  Saying political discord is coming that they heard on a television show isn’t brilliant and insightful, either.  True end times revelations will be specific to nations, powers, governments, actions…and won’t be the same stuff that never happens that’s been recycled forever.


They don’t have their own message – In keeping with the points above, false end times prophets don’t have their own unique mandate or message from God.  What they typically do is gather end times data from various sources – conspiracy theorists, preachers on television who don’t have the first clue of what they are talking about, and internet videos and data – and promote that information rather than their own.  If we see the work of Biblical prophets, all of them had a specific mandate and word to deliver to the people.  It wasn’t someone else’s and it wasn’t vague.  Just saying they are called to “wake people up” or they have a mandate to “get people to pray” doesn’t fit the prophetic.  Sure, prayer is great and waking up is great, but the end result of waking people up is repentance, not fear, and the end result of prayer is relationship with God – not paranoia.


They create paranoia – God tells us not to be afraid, and give no thought to tomorrow.  This means we are not to do the following: flee our countries, become doomsday preppers, stockpile groceries that will expire long before anything ever happens, stop watching television, stop eating, create our own arsenals, or generally act like a bunch of basket cases while we “wait” for someone’s “prophecy” to come true.  If you pay careful attention to all of this paranoid fever, everyone’s paranoia trap is different.  Some think nuclear holocaust is coming, others think the power grid will go down, others think China is going to take over the United States, some think the dollar will lose its value…and so on, and so forth.  People! If stuff happens, you can be as ready as you like, but having stockpiles of stuff will just make you more of a target when “whoever” comes after you.  Being afraid doesn’t mean you are prepared, it means you are afraid.  God does not want these thoughts, fears, and concepts to consume us as believers.  You don’t have more faith if you are paranoid, you are just fearful.


They feel that what they have to say is so relevant, they oppose anyone who just doesn’t want to hear it – I can’t count the number of people who have blocked or deleted me because they sent me something, were insistent and rude about it, and got angry when I flat out told them I was not going to discuss their fear-mongering with them anymore.  I don’t listen to it anymore because I’ve heard enough of it and I don’t feel that any of it proves anything.  And I am not saying that as someone who is ignorant to matters.  I was studying about the Illuminati, secret societies, and new world order up at night, in the dark, when nobody – and I mean nobody – else was talking about it.  I don’t deny these things, but I also know that sitting around, fearful and conjuring, isn’t going to stop the realities about them.  I also feel that we have taken these things so far out of control and context that the information circulating now tends to be inaccurate.  It doesn’t make me not an apostle because I don’t want to watch yet another video on the same, stupid things that don’t even make sense.  But when someone can’t even be respectful enough to stop talking or change the subject – that’s a sign of a one-tracked, paranoid mind.


Their answer to everything is that people should flee, rather than stand – One consistent facet to the false end-times prophet is that it’s always better “somewhere else.” God isn’t in one place, but always somewhere else, lurking and hiding.  The American ones think you need to go to Europe, the European ones think you need to go to Canada, the African ones think you need to go to the United States, and so on.  Last time I checked, God encourages His people to “stand” – not to run off in fear.  Trust me, the world is so interdependent, if something happens in one area, it will affect the rest…or different things will happen somewhere else.  Running off and separating yourself from the Body is not the answer, it just makes you more of a target.          


They don’t know the first thing about proper signs of prophecy, the prophetic, and prophetic interpretation – Your little doomsday prophet might have an arsenal of “the end is near” paraphernalia, but they won’t have the first clue of what your dream means or of how to intercede before God.  They’ve never had a vision of their own.  They don’t understand the point of prophecy or the way prophets understood time (chronos vs. karios and how those times affect prophetic interpretation).  I recognize we all have different gifts, but prophets should have prophetic gifts – that’s a part of being a prophet.  If someone does nothing prophetic, I may be going out on a limb here, but they aren’t a prophet.  Much of end times prophecy is symbolic, which means it is only interpreted by revelation and it is not literal.  If a so-called prophet doesn’t understand symbolism, they are not qualified to interpret end time events.  Also, people, Bible prophecy was not meant to be interpreted as it is plugged into news headlines, so be very cautious when that is a “prophet’s” approach…because such is not prophetic! It’s easy to think a prophecy is answered in a current event, but prophecy is much deeper than that – especially given the same prophecies are plugged into headlines over and over with no new revelation on anything else for years. 


If you have encountered one such as these, I encourage you to do as God has spoken: to stand. Do not be afraid.  He has placed you here in this time for a reason, and it is not to feel like Chicken Little.  End the endless research and chasing, and seek His face for your purpose in this life.  Allow God to lead you to people who aren’t afraid and teach you about empowerment rather than terror.  Most of all, have people you can trust in your life who can help you sort stuff out when you just aren’t sure about it yourself.  Chicken Little spread her misery around, as misery loves company.  Such a pessimistic outlook is truly not Biblical and not the one God desires us to have.  Be faithful…be loving….be wise.


(c) 2014 Lee Ann B. Marino.  All rights reserved. 


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