Apostle’s Corner: How Do You Measure A Year?

From: Power For Today Magazine, Vol. 10, Number 12, December 2011 Edition. (c) 2011 Apostolic Fellowship International Ministries. All rights reserved.

The opening song “Seasons of Love” from the hit Broadway musical “Rent” raises the question: how do you measure a year? If you listen to the song, you hear numerous ways that we can measure a year: as 525,600 minutes; sunsets, midnights; cups of coffee, laughter, strife, inches, and miles. By talking about a year, the song also asks how we measure life.

How do we measure the times of our lives? As we come to the end of 2011, I’m thinking a lot about this question. In this past year, so much has happened. We saw the advance of our first women’s conference, the rise of A Great Host Magazine and Apocalypse Watch Journal, met many new faces and friends, ministered many new messages, co-hosted the second annual There Is Healing In Worship Conference, and began expanding our web presence. We’ve seen blessing and promise, continued to receive the blessing and vision of God, and have walked in another year with the Lord despite all the odds that are against us. There is no question this year has been filled with the blessings and encouragement of the Father, especially as I prepare to see another birthday, another gift from Him.

At the same time, I’ve encountered the usual issues that most of us face: the spirits of Jezebel, Ahab, and Judas reared their ugly heads, yet again. A person under the ministry covering recently died from terminal cancer. I’ve seen people I thought were friends depart from my life, and people I never expected to stand up to step forward in my defense. Attacks have come and gone. Challenges have come and while some have gone, some remain.

Seeing the year, and the good and bad that has come along with it, makes me wonder what I will remember 2011 for in the future. I think as time goes by and ministry continues to grow, I will remember all this year has offered and will measure it by the true accomplishment making it through to yet another year has been. Even though we don’t think of it in this way, there is something to be said for still being here, time after time, year after year, when our enemies and competition seem so threatening, yet don’t make it in the long-run. As long as we remain in ministry, we will see difficulties, challenges, and blessings as part of God’s weaving for us.

Life is cyclical, not linear. We go through times and seasons, beginnings and endings, only to start again and see new revelation in circumstances so familiar, yet so new. I know I will measure this year and all to come by each and every lesson the Lord has taught me; each and every blessing; and each and every challenge that has helped me to see things in a new way, a diff erent way, and a more powerful way. I will continually thank God for His every gift, every friend, and every moment of love. In seeing life like this, we will always have the victory over the enemy.

Many blessings,

Apostle Dr. Lee Ann


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