Apostle’s Corner: Truth In The Inward Places

From: Power For Today Magazine, Vol. 10, Number 11, November 2011 Edition. (c) 2011 Apostolic Fellowship International Ministries. All rights reserved.

Healing. Spiritual gifts. God. The Word of God. Revelation. Truth.

These terms illicit many automatic responses in people who claim to be believers. Most of us are quick to say we believe in these things. Sometimes we are quick to align with popular notions about them, and at other times, we are clear to contradict common belief about these matters with teaching we know about them. We voice opinions about these matters essential to our life of faith. Every one of us has a public record of our visible belief, things that we say about these matters for others to witness.

We can all look right, say all the right things, and appear to be perfect examples of faith and practice on the surface. We can go through things and have everyone thinking we are the perfect model of belief in the midst of them. On the surface, things may seem model…but what do we do in the nights when we are alone with God and our problems? Do we believe as we claim? Do we really believe in healing, spiritual gifts, God, the Word of God, revelation, and truth? Do we believe these things apply to ourselves, or do we just believe in them hypothetically? Are they a musing, or a reality?

I’ve titled this article “Truth In The Inward Places” because I am understanding better why the Bible speaks so much about knowing God in the “inward places,” in the “inner parts,” or, in some archaic translations, the “bowels.” At that moment in time, the writer is speaking about knowing God in every aspect of their being. They believed in God, in His truth, in the inward places. It wasn’t just something they wore on their sleeve, but something they had and carried within them, at all times, until it was an integral part of their being. They had truth in the inward places. It was about more than saying the right thing: it was having the right thing speaking to them, no matter what was going on in their lives.

Faith is a word we throw around a lot today to mean anything and everything we desire at that moment. Sometimes we use it as a key to get material things, at other times it’s a defense mechanism, and still yet, it can even be used as a weapon. Above all, faith is a true assurance that we know the things of God are true – even when we don’t see them, can’t feel them, and wonder where God is at that time and place. Faith isn’t necessarily what we post on Facebook, shout in church pulpits, or the signs we hold on the street corner, but is, instead, what we really believe and what we truly seek and follow after in the inward places, when no one is looking, and when nobody even would think to care. It is, in the end, how we define our relationship with God and the authority we stand upon – or choose not to stand upon – at the end of every single day and situation in our lives.

Many blessings,

Apostle Dr. Lee Ann


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