Apostle’s Corner: Where Is God Leading You?

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From: Power For Today Magazine, Vol. 10, No. 5, May 2011. (c) 2011 Apostolic Fellowship International Ministries, Inc. All rights reserved.

“What am I meant to do in this life?” is one of the major questions most people ask themselves at some point in their lives. It’s not a question that is asked once or twice, but often comes up repeatedly throughout life, with the advance of changes, questions, or new circumstances. Sometimes something major causes the question of purpose to arise, but much of the time, it isn’t the major changes of life that bring forth questions: it’s the little things that make us wonder about what we are supposed to do and what is next.

The answer to what you are meant to do, is simple: Where is God leading you? It is astounding to me the number of people who just don’t have an answer to this question. We have been taught that God lets us know things by grand signs, and way too many people are waiting for the grand sign to appear: the angel descending from heaven with a trumpet blare who says “The way is here!”…the spring that forms in the desert, forming puddles that spell out your destiny…the light shining from heaven that knocks us down as God speaks our purpose outright…hmmm. We are looking for big things to send us perhaps the biggest message we could possibly receive in our lives…and we aren’t getting it. Why would this be?

The Bible is filled with extraordinary circumstances, miracles, and encounters, but it is also filled with many ordinary experiences that became extraordinary. Why did they become extraordinary? Because they were people who put God at the center purpose of everything they did. When God was the center, the rest fell into place. Sometimes incredible signs followed; sometimes they didn’t. Sometimes great things happened; sometimes it took a long time for anything good to materialize. No matter where they were or what they were doing, they knew God was leading them, and they knew where He was taking them.

God doesn’t always arrive in a big, grand way. Sometimes His methods of letting us know where we are supposed to be aren’t out of the ordinary, big, or spectacular. Sometimes God is yelling at us in circumstances that don’t support where we know we should be positioning ourselves. Too often we are doing things, experiencing things, or putting ourselves in situations that draw us away from God, instead of toward Him. If we want to find out where He desires for us to go, we need to get where He needs us to be before we do anything else.

Where is God leading you? If you aren’t sure, maybe it’s time to move away from some things in your life so you can find Him and His call upon your life. If we want to move higher and on to better things, we must make the choice to move ourselves in alignment with God’s promise. Start walking toward God and stop waiting for a big sign!

Many blessings,

Apostle Dr. Lee Ann


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