A Great Host Magazine, February 2011

IT IS FINALLY RELEASED! The first edition of A Great Host Magazine, heralding the promise and power for God’s women in ministry! On the cover: Pastor Jacqueline Gentry of Women of Deliverance International Ministries. More authors listed below! Celebrate what God is doing in His women all over the world with this magazine. Buy or download your copy today!


Editor-in-Chief: Apostle Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino. Contributors: Apostle Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino, Pastor Jacqueline Gentry, Prophetess Natalie Nervis,Prophetess Pinki V. Moore, Prophet Joy Allen, Evangelist Yolanda Davis, Prophetess Theresa Bloodgood, Archbishop Dr. Danette M. Scott, Prophetess Tabitha Vinson, Apostle Torri J. Evans, Apostle Tracey George, Apostle Besceglia H. Swaney, Minister CeCe Jo Higginbotham, Pastor Crystal Brown, Prophetess Donna Holmes, Apostle Dr. Rebecca Michael, Apostle Adrienne Williams, Author and Teacher Julie Harvey, Minister Bianca Withers, Apostle Rubie James, Apostle Theresa Harvard Johnson, Jennipher J. Williams, Prophetess Cyntha Steele, Elder Shermaine Y. Franklin-Saunders, and Prophetess Nina Marino.


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