To Be In God’s Image…

…Means we, as both male and female, acknowledge we are formed in His Image and that we accept what that means.

…Means that we will walk in the character of God, not following the ways of Satan or evil, but that we will follow God’s will for our lives and our behavior.

…Means that we will accept that God has endowed us with reason and intellect, and that we can make reasonable choices; we are not simply created to be tossed to the wind, but we can stand up for God in every principle we adhere to.

…Means we will love all of humanity; even those we disagree with or dislike. We don’t have to like everyone or like all that they do to recognize that God has created them and that they therefore deserve human respect and dignity if for no other reason.

…Means we will learn about our Creator, His goodness and love, and will desire to develop a greater relationship with Him. As we do so, we will come to understand Him better as well as ourselves.
…Means we will promote that human beings have certain rights as a part of the human family.  While we may not promote this in a political sense, we will promote it in the sense of Gospel truth and upholding God’s truth in identifying who they can be in Christ.

…Means we will proclaim the Gospel that all may come to know their creation in God’s image and will embrace that fact, grow in their knowledge and love of Him, and have a better understanding of both Him and of one another.

…Means we conform to the likeness of His Son, to transform our image into His, that we may become a greater representation of being in the image of God by following the ways of He Who was the perfect image of the invisible God.

(C) 2009 Lee Ann B. Marino.  All rights reserved.


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